Here's Why This Baby has Gone Viral Even Before Being Born!

The reason is absolutely ~*CRAZY*~




EJ Watson, from Kansas, has gone viral for punching himself in the face.

While this news wouldn't really be THAT exciting as there are infinite number of videos online about people punching themselves in their own​ face (it's bordering on upsetting), this video is extra special because it is actually an ultrasound and the baby hasn't even been born yet!

This came as a surprise to the doctors and EJ's parents as it is not common for 20-week old babies to punch themselves i the face. 

After confirming that the baby is fine and not in any danger, the father posted this video online and it didn't take it very long to go viral!

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4lvu0sBo0M[/youtube]

The parents are hoping that this would mean that the kid would grow up to be a boxer, as they are huge fans of the sport, but they'll have to settle for Viral Internet Sensation for now!

Talk about #LifeGoals!