This Indian Boy is a Swimming Champ AND He's in a Wheelchair!

He has had more than 200 fractures in his body and is still determined to be the world's best Paralympic swimmer




He may not be able to move on land but he is doing wonders in water. 

Meet Moin Junnaidi who has over 200 fractures in his body and is confined to wheelchair.​This 18 year old has managed to beat all the odds and is the youngest swimmer with locomotive disability in India.​ He has won seven national gold medals and one international in Wheelchair and Amputee Sports World Junior Games held Puerto Rico in 2013. Moin now dreams to be the world's top Paralympic swimmer.

Moin suffers from a rare disease, Osteogeneses Imperfect, which makes the bones brittle and prone to fractures. His legs are fused together and his hands are turned backwards. 

He weighs around 18 kgs and is one and a half feet tall,  and he had his first fracture at the age of mere nine months. His mother Kauser Banu shared in an interview, "He was crawling when suddenly I heard a crack sound. But we could not think it was because of a fracture. But when he did not stop crying for more than an hour, we took him to a doctor who told about his condition and that there is no cure for the disease. Doctors even told us that he might not survive for long as he is very a delicate child and protecting him always would not be possible"

After 11 years of struggle, Moin's parents met Umesh Kalaghatage who is a renowned swimming coach in disabled category. Under his training, Moin learnt swimming and participated in his first competition after nine months. Now, Moin travels across the globe to participate for tournaments while studying in 10th standard as well.

He is a die-hard fan of Shahrukh Khan and has met personalities including former President APJ Abdul Kalam, actor Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone. Moin opined in an interview, "One should learn to never give up, no matter what the situation is. I do not feel I am disabled or have any sort of shortcoming. I love swimming and I want to be the best swimmer in the world."

Image Source: Caters News Agency