THIS is the Best Indian City to Live in, According to this Global Survey!

Mercer's Quality of Living Report ranks it 139th internationally, with Vienna topping the list for the second time.





The best Indian city to live in is...HYDERABAD!

Yes, Hyderabad AKA Land of Awesome Biryani and Pearls (maybe not generally, but only in my head) is the top Indian city to feature in Mercer's 'Quality of Living Report-2015', which assesses the quality of living conditions to help multinational companies fairly compensate their employees when placing them on international assignments. 

Ranking at 139, in a list of 230 cities, Hyderabad has been named the best city to live in, followed by Pune (145), Bangalore (146), Chennai (151), Mumbai (152), New Delhi (154) and Kolkata (160).

Mercer has stated that Hyderabad ranks higher than these other states because of factors like improved options for international schools and good access to public services like an international airport that has a good range of international flights.

Vienna has topped the list, for the second time, and Baghdad is at the bottom of the list.

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