5 Ways to Shut Down Work Bullies

Fear no more.




Do you go to work feeling like you are back in high school? Surrounded by mean individuals whose life mission is to make your life miserable by putting you down, taking credit for your hard work, name calling, or under valuing your work?  If you have answered yes to most of these questions, you are dealing with a work bully. Although it is hard, you can put an end to being harassed by your bully. Read on to find out how.

1) Document Everything
Keep a record of the incident including the time, place, and any witnesses of the times you felt bullied. This information is very important as you may need to present to your management. Documenting will provide concrete proof of your claims against the bully. 

2) Confront the bully
Confronting the bullying can be extremely intimidating and scary, but is truly the most effective method to put an end to the harassment. Ask to speak to the individual in a private setting and describe how they are making you feel. Maintain strong eye contact while keeping your voice firm. Let the bully know that you will no longer tolerate their negative behavior towards you, while keeping the conversation as professional as possible.

3) Don't show weakness
Bullies feed off of their target's weakness, so never show any weakness in front of the bully. If you ever feel an emotional wave coming over you, excuse yourself and take a few minutes gain your composure. 

4) Get Witnesses
Share your feelings with an impartial colleague and ask them to notice anytime you feel bullied. Ask if they have ever felt bullied by this person, which may help you present a stronger case to management.

5) Report to Human Resources
If the situation with the bully has not improved after your confrontation, it may be time to go to upper management and report the incidents. Remember to bring evidence, any witnesses, and explain the situation to the HR manager in a calm and professional manner.