Pune's Symbiosis University Has the BEST Idea to Keep Student Stress Free!

Can we move there RN?!




Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications has the best idea to keep the students stress free: Pet therapy!


Studies have shown that pet therapy works wonders as far as stress relieving is concerned and so the SIMC in Lavale has introduced two labrador puppies-Dollar and Pound- in the hostel to help students get free from stress or feel less home sick. ​Similarly, the campus in Viman Nagar has welcomed Yen and Euro, as you do, in their hostel.

The director of the institute, Vidya Yeravdekar, knows from her own experience that playing with pets can be a great way to relieve stress. 

"I have two labs at home and I know how they can positively boost one's well-being by showering love and warmth. After a tiring day, when one reaches home, one feels wanted and loved. They are great stressbusters. I know that though students walk into the campus with a lot of dreams, somewhere they do miss their family and feel homesick. Sometimes, due to loneliness and fear of being in a new city, they also get into addiction. Thus, I decided to try pet therapy as an experiment, " she said in an interview with Indian Express.

The officials have stated that the dogs will be kept in the hostel in their dedicated area and will be properly groomed at all times and all the medical procedures, like vaccines, will be taken care of. The pets will be set free int he hostel int he evenings, where students can play with them.

This new (and adorable) initiative has been met with positive response from all the students, because who could resist these adorable little fluff balls?!