This Designer Used a Rather Unusual Model For Her Latest Collections and the Results are Stunning!

Seriously, you HAVE to see the pictures.




Designers and brands, nowadays, have started taking on unusual faces or 'non-models as the face of their campaigns or collections. 

Mandeep Nagi, director of Shades of India, has chosen Kamala (name changed), her friend's domestic help, as the face of her latest campaign.

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"The emphasis of our new collection, Cinnamon, is on textures and I wanted someone extraordinary," Mandeep told The Hindu.

Mandeep discovered Kamala and immediately felt that she couldn't find a much better face for her next collection, and even though her colleagues had some doubts, they finally agreed that she should be their next model.

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"I wanted to give it a shot, nevertheless. I spoke to 'Kamala' and she wanted a day to think over it. She returned and said she'd do it. She was concerned about the kind of clothes and where the images will be used. We explained the process to her and she was game."

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This is not the first time that this brand has used 'non-models' for their shoots, "Sometimes it's a colleague or someone we know of. The age group has varied from 24 to 82," she said in the same interview.