You HAVE to Listen to These (Terrifying!) Sound Recordings From the Deepest Spot on Earth

A study led by the NOAA recorded the sounds from Challenger Deep in Mariana Trench and they're basically nightmare fuel.




You'd think that about 36,000 feet under the ocean, in the deepest spot on the planet, you'd expect some quiet and peace...?

Well, you'd think wrong!

The deepest spot on Earth is filled with potential-nightmare-inducing, other worldly noises that will terrify you. 

A study led by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), an American scientific agency,​ sought to record sounds from Challenger Deep, the deepest spot in Mariana Trench, as there has not been much data discovery from these spots because light does not propogate that far deep underwater. 

"​Light does not propagate underwater very far," oceanographer Bob Dziak of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) told Gizmodo. "But sound waves travel long distances through the Earth's oceans. Acoustics is really the best way to get a good picture of deep ocean environments."

Check out some of the (terrifying) sounds recorded by them in Challenger Deep:

A baleen whale call 

[soundcloud ]https://soundcloud.com/user-629727076/cd2015-195-2145-bal-sbsmpx3[/soundcloud]

A 5.0 magnitude earthquake near the spot

[soundcloud ]https://soundcloud.com/user-629727076/eq2015-195220110x5normal[/soundcloud]

A baleen whale's call before and after the 5.0 magnitude earthquake

[soundcloud ]https://soundcloud.com/user-629727076/eqandbaleenwhale-2015-195220110x5normal[/soundcloud]

The propellor from a ship passing above

[soundcloud ]https://soundcloud.com/user-629727076/cd-ship[/soundcloud]

Pretty amazing (AND scary) right ?!

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