14 Inspiring Quotes About Women That You Absolutely NEED in Your Life!

"I'm tough, I'm ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay."




"Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade since it consists with principally dealing with men." Joseph Conrad

 "You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation." Brigham Young

 "In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man, If you want anything done, ask a woman." Margaret Thatcher

"I'm tough, I'm ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay." Madonna

[pullquote align="C"]"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants." Coco Chanel[/pullquote]

"I find it very sad that so many girls who look up to me or are interested in me are young women of color who have been told that they are ugly and who feel that they are not normal. I think it's so important for women who look like me find that they can be beautiful or objects of love, attention, and affection." Mindy Kaling

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Irina Dunn

"Let us leave pretty women to men with no imagination." Marcel Proust

 "Any woman who chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of status quo will treat her as something of a duty joke...she will need her sisterhood." Gloria Steinem

"I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves." Mary Wollstonecraft

 "Why is it that men are permitted to be obsessed about their work, but women are permitted only to be obsessed about men." Barbra Streisand

[pullquote align="C"]"I love bossy women. I could be around them all day. It means somebody is passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn't mind leading" Amy Poehler[/pullquote]

 "The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just have to take it." Roseanne Barr

"When I'm not feeling my best, I ask myself, 'What are you gonna do about it?' I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me." Beyoncé