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Lt Col Sophia Qureshi is India's First Female Officer to Lead an Army Contingent

Also, it is the largest military exercise hosted by India...

Lieutenant Colonel Sophia Qureshi has become the country's first women to lead the Indian army contingent at Exercise 18- the largest foreign military exercise hosted by India. The most inspirational part is that she is the only women leader from all the participating contingents and is leading India's 40 member contingent.

This international event started in Pune on March 2 and will continue till March 8 where Indian contingent is playing the key role in training with other 18 troops in Peacekeeping Operations (PKOs) and Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA).

Currently, Sophia is an officer from the corps of Signals of the Indian Army and was chosen for this prestigious role by a group of peacekeeping trainers. 

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A post graduate in Bio-Chemistry, she has served in United Nations Peace Keeping Operation in Congo in 2006  and has been a part of several other PKOs from past six years.

On being asked about what made her join the army, she promptly answered in an interview, "It's the same charm what draws the men, the love for nation and honour and pride in donning the uniform."

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