India's Government School with AC Classrooms, WiFi & Tablets for Every Student

And the students love it so much, they don't want to go home!




​A school in Wablewadi, a village in Pune, has modern facilities to match the most expensive private schools in India--including wifi, air- conditioned classrooms and tablets for its students. Except, this is a municipal school where kids pay a nominal fees and belong to average-income families.

Headmaster Dattatreya Ware took over the school in 2012, and noticed the 30-odd students weren't enthusiastic about attending the school. Dattatreya called upon the 66 families in the village, and asked them to help make a big change. He managed to raise about 17 lakhs and initiated the upgradation process. Moreover, the parents who couldn't donate money, volunteered themselves for the construction work and helped to save the labour cost.   

Today, the school has undergone an amazing makeover. It is run by solar power and the entire campus is wifi enabled. Each students has a tablet and are taught through activity-based methods. The school has maths, science, language and crafts lab and a sports room. 

The best part about the school is the teaching process which specially focuses on the areas of interest of the student, whether it's a specific subject, craft or sport. The students study the concepts they haven't understood online and  there are no fixed hours for classes. 

There's more: the school does not support the concept of ranking students on the basis of the marks, and the students only appear for Maharashtra State Board exams at the end of year. Dattatreya shared in an interview, "All we want is learning to be a joyful process. And we wish other schools in Maharashtra would emulate us so that many more children can enjoy going to school."

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