India's First Rehabilitation Centre for Acid Attack Survivors is Finally Opened!

"I believe we will find our place in society again"




Love Not Scars has opened the first rehabilitation centre for acid attack survivors in Lado Sarai, New Delhi. The centre will provide the much-needed counseling to the victims to rebuild their confidence and will also hold special classes on yoga, meditation, computers, brail, english which will help them to  become self-reliant in future.

The centre is a ray of hope for many survivors and will also provide help on medical and legal aspects of the victim's case. Sheela, an acid attack victim shared her feelings in an interview ,"This feels like our own world, where we can learn anything we want without stigma, hesitation and unease. I feel like there is hope for future now that we have a space where we can have a second shot for living our lives as well as earning a dignified living. We used to feel like we have been sitting at one place for years, behind closed doors. People used to come and go but for the first time we feel like someone has extended their hand and wants to move forward with us. I believe we will find our place in society again."

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