This Woman Was Stopped At The Airport For Having Guns On Her Shoes

With a bullet bracelet to match!




So, remember how it's just the biggest taboo to make bomb jokes at an airport? This gutsy woman took that to a whole new level—and waltzed in to the ​Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport​ carrying herself confidently on gun-shaped high-heels...and carrying two bracelets with incredibly realistic-looking faux bullets in her carry on luggage!

Security, naturally, spotted them and went pretty much apesh*t about it, stopping her and eventually, having to delay her flight as well after the 'dangerous items' were found. ​Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein​ made it public, by Tweeting about it on Saturday after the agents at the airport unearthed these things. "Shoes and bracelets that are less than ideal to wear or bring to a @TSA checkpoint. These delayed a traveler at BWI,"​ Tweeted Farbstein.

[twitter ]http://twitter.com/TSAmedia_LisaF/status/704378394784305152/photo/1[/twitter]

The shoes were eventually abandoned by the woman at the airport in order for her to board her flight, and the designer of those shoes is still on the prowl looking for the woman that fled the scene in her bare feet. "Please contact so we can reunite you with a FREE pair of Bondgirl shoes for having to forfeit yours in lieu of missing your flight," the company Tweeted out. 

Well, if ever there was a modern-day take on Cinderella...