Think Twice Before Calling a Girl 'Honey' or 'Baby' in India...

...it could land you in jail!




​Well, it might be terms of endearment for some, but Indian women are getting quite pissed with them boys referring to them as 'honey' or 'baby'...at least in Uttarakhand! From April to December 2015, the Uttarakhand State Commission received 1,118 complaints from women—majority of them being harassment cases. And so, to teach youngsters on how such or other inappropriate terms could be counted as sexual harassment or violence against women, the state commission for women has now decided to take strict action in such matters.

Sarojini Kaintura, Chairperson of the Commission, remarked that most women suffer mental agony by choosing to ignore distasteful behaviour, but the ignorance to as what could be counted as harassment or violence is astounding. "We want the boys to know how (and how not) to behave with girls and the girls to realise when they are crossing the line," Sarojini was quoted as saying. The commission has also decided to hold special sensitisation camps in schools and colleges in the state to raise awareness on the issue.

The commission further added that calling a woman names, making comments, jokes or offensive remarks, displaying sexist behaviour or sharing offensive pictures or messages, all fall under harassment. And any man making lewd comments and displaying indecent body language can be subjected to a one-year jail term under Section 509 of the IPC.

Well, that's a brilliant step to empower women, we say!