These 'Spoilt Modern Indian Women' Memes are Going Viral For All the Right Reasons!

"This is The Spoilt Modern Indian woman Speaking out. And she has a joke or two to tell you."




These new memes celebrating the 'Spoilt Modern Indian Women' are as hilarious as they're absolute, 100%, ~*slaying*~

This initiative started to challenge conventional gender roles and stereotypes is going viral and rightfully so!

The Spoilt Modern Indian Woman is an inter-sectional feminist initiative that aims to challenge and break the innumerable gender related stereotypes which women, LGBTQ people, sexual minorities and men face in their everyday lives. The Spoilt Modern Indian Woman believes in calling out various forms of oppression, discrimination and violence; that stem from unseen privilege, male entitlement and patriarchal heteronormativity – in a loud, bold and sarcastic voice.​ (spoiltmodernwoman.com)

As the OGs told Buzzfeed, "The best way to beat a sexist joke is a feminist joke. So, there."

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