You Can Now Buy Yourself a Bulletproof Sofa!

Because, YES, this is popular now.




 John Adrain of San Francisco realised one day that he just didn't have space for all his stuff. While anyone would ordinarily just think 'duh! storage!' was the solution, it wasn't quite that easy. 

Because his 'stuff' was a sh*tload of guns

Yup, guns. He's been collecting 'em since he was nine–and his vintage firearm collection needed a home safer than a dark room in a storage unit. Ergo, he decided to construct his own solution—by building a gun-safe into his bed. 

And voila, the BedBunker was born—what later turned out to be the test model for what his company  Heracles Research Corporation​ now manufactures, and sells out like hot cakes. These beds don't just function as furniture-cum-arsenal, they also happen to be bulletproof! 

So, like, how would these even help in actuall shoot-out scenario? (Unlikely as that might be).

"I don't know if anyone has had to use them," Adrain said, but mentions that the sofa cushions on the couches are fitted with handles, and are fairly easy to lift in case they need to be held up, like a shield. 

Well. It might not be your ideal first-stop-thought for when you're redoing the living room, but a scary thought that something like this might be a necessity at a (hopefully, very) distant point in the future.