12 Emotional Stages Anyone Who Hates Going Out Goes Through While Going Out

The struggle is very, VERY real...!




1) When someone comes up to you and asks you if you'd like to go out somewhere.

2) And you start imagining all possible excuses you can think of to get out of it before they've even finished their sentence.

3) But then they add that it's their/their pet/their pet's son's friend's neighbour's birthday and it'll break their heart of you don't go.

4) When they assure you that it's going to be fun, and that you'll have a good time and you just smile and nod while you know it's going to be the worst idea ever.

5) Then you finally resign yourself to going but you know you're slowly dying inside.

6) You, with a sinking heart, think of all the Chicago Fire/*insert any other TV show* you'll be missing while you're out in the wild...

7) You give yourself a pep talk and start getting ready, but since it's been more than a 1000 years (or maybe less, give or take) since you've stepped out of the house to 'socialize', you have forgotten how to dress up...'winged eye...what's that?!'

8) You finally pull yourself together and you get ready, and even though you look hella fine, you're still screaming internally.

9) Then you take the big step and actually step out, and it's quite anti climactic that no earth-destroying meteor crashed and cancelled any chance of you going out.

10) You end up having a good time, despite the internal screaming, and decide that stepping out is not that bad, and it's not the worst idea in the world to go out once in a while.

11) You get back home and you realize that going out once in a while is actually a terrible idea because sweet, comfortable bed...

12) You repeat the cycle of emotions again when your friend(s) ask you to hang out in the great, wild outside with them.