Be a Sparkling Wine Expert (In 2 Minutes)!

We caught up with the Chandon India team to know how to be a sparkling pro!




​Myth: sparkling wine and champagne are inter-changeable terms. Reality: not really! Here's the deal: while all champagnes are sparkling wines produced from the Champagne region of France, a sparkling wine is basically aerated white wine, which may or may not be the former, depending on its area of origin. For instance, Spain's sparkler is called Cava, Italy's bubbles come in Prosecco and Moscato d'Asti, and French sparkling wines from everywhere outside of Champagne are called Cremant. They're distinguished from other wines based on the CO2 bubbles present, a result of fermentation. Now let's move on to some next-level stuff, ladies...


As a rule, sparkling wine is categorised as extra brut, brut, extra dry, sec or demi-sec, depending on their sugar levels. While brut is the most popular variant and pairs well with food, extra dry  works well as an aperitif, while demi-sec is usually had with fruit and dessert, as it complements the wine's peculiar sweet taste.

The Money Stuff 

Owing to its heritage, a bottle of champagne starts at INR 5,000, while a sparkling may be less pricey. Case in point: Chandon Brut stands at INR1,200 (reason enough to pop open a bottle...or three!).

Serving Temperature 

Sparkling tastes best when served chilled at a temperature between 7-10 degree Celsius. Store for two hours in the refrigerator or 20 minutes in an ice bucket before serving.

A Toast to Sparkling Wine!

Here's what your bubbly goes through, before it reaches you!

  • A mix of yeast and sugar is added to the wine and then bottled for around 15 months. This is when bubbles of CO2 are produced.
  • The sediment and lees (residue) are consolidated by riddling—a process that involves rotating the bottle.
  • Removal of lees without loss of wine and CO2 is known as disgorgement.
  • To create a balanced acidity in the wine, a mixture of fresh wine and sugar is added to the bottle. This is known as dosage!