This Adorable Seal Goes SHOPPING for Food Every Day!

It even crosses a road to visit the shop...




Meet Sammy, a seal from Denver that no longer enjoys hunting and has found a seafood restaurant for his daily meal. So, everyday, Sammy comes out from sea and carefully crosses the road to pay a visit to a specific restaurant and asks the staff member to feed him.

The video shows hows the staff member tries to shoo him away, but adamant Sammy will only make his way to back sea when he has got his meal. It's all really, really cute!

Here take a look...

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrKDi6fQEF4&ebc=ANyPxKqlxK1nsrJaz-lUNrHJVZpFAyumgrOr1ynlJCZuSezhNxRYKN0PNDlIqo_mtu_4zY4ObXbXAgrIi_2vRt8izBcVQ78cug[/youtube]

Isn't he a loyal (and super cute) client!!