12 Things Delhi Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

No, we don't go clubbing #allday #erryday




#10. "Doesn't Going Out At Night Scare You?"

Oh, come on! Delhi's bad reputation may not be uncalled for, but it's blown out of proportion in a truly epic manner by newbs and novices. Of course, we know Delhi can be a frightening place sometimes—but we don't stop living our lives because of it. 

#9. "Do You Get Eve-teased All The time?"

It happens, but it's npot modus operandi. Every place has its creep patrol. We always try to do something about it, though. 

#8. "I Bet You Eat Chaat Like, Every Single Day"

You'd be SHOCKED at the amount of restaurants and eateries that have recently come up in our small village that are one hundred percent chaat-free. 

#7. "You Guys Go For a LOT Of Weddings, Don't You?"

Well, SO-RRY people we know are getting married. Getting dressed and going to wedding is still a preferable alternative to single-shaming yourself, downing a bottle of gin, neat, and crying into your cat.

#6. "Most Delhi Girls Are So Hot...Until They Start Talking!"

Excusuuuse us. There's a whole contingent out there's that's super-intelligent and maybe not quite sex-on-legs. Oh, and also, the FULL contingent really doesn't give a sh*t if we pass someone else's judgy test. 

#5. "So If the Guy Doesn't Have A Car, He's Automatically Un-Dateable, Right?'

Absolutely. We are all EXACTLY that shallow. Doesn't matter if he's a mass-murderer, even, as long as he rolls in a Bentley doing it. 

#4. "Wow. You Guys Are SO Aggressive!"

Only sometimes. And that's because it can get really hot. You try being a happy little bluebird in 50 degree heat. 

#3. "Oh my god, you guys must buy EVERYTHING at Sarojini! You're SO lucky you have Sarojini!"

No, sorry. Because Sarojini is a full-scale excursion, one that requires our sturdiest, ugliest pair of shoes, a stash of three high-power granola bars (minimum) and a full night's sleep ahead of time. The three don't always coincide.

#2. "I Don't Understand WHY You Wear Hot-Pants In Winter"

Hey. Not ALL of us do that, okay? Most of us compensate with stylish trousers. The pneumonia-catcher crew, however, isn't exclusive to Delhi. You'll find that strain of girl pretty much anywhere, in varied doses. 

#1. "I mean, Delhi's okayyyyy—but nothing beats Bombay."

You're wrong. Goodbye. 

(This article has been written in good humour. No stereotypes are being perpetrated on purpose, and the article should be taken in the spirit of easy humour it was intended.)