9 Thoughts ERRYBODY Has On Friday

Got to get down on FRAAAI-DAY!




​#1. "It's Friday, Friday! Got to get down on FRI-DAY!"

#2. "Hmmmm. 12pm. Soon, it'll be lunch, and then I'll be gettin' dooown!"

#3. "Okay, wait. I hope we're for tonight. *turn on Whatsapp group and HOLLA!*"

#4. "Should I wear that black dress of mine? Or those hot new jeans? I love the dress, but I haven't shaved my legs..."

#5. "Hello, *insert party planner name*? I need you to put me on the list. Plus 7."

#6. Oh my GOD why won't my work finish! My back is killing me! No heels tonight. I'm going to break this damn computer screen.

#7. "Okay. Now it's 8. I may not have the stamina for this sh*t. I could just stay in and order Chinese! #pyjamaparty!"

#8. "See? People are canceling! This is the right thing to do! Here I come, Cheetos and cat videos!

#9. OHMYGOD Ladies night?! Okay, let's do this sh*t.