7 Types of Friends Every Girl Has

"Cry on my shoulder and have a biscuit, honey."




#1. The Shoulder

When sh*t's hitting the fan, guess who your go-to gal is? ​This girl has the kind of stability and trustworthiness that would make a Swiss bank writhe with envy. She's dependable and comforting, and is your human equivalent of a warm, snuggly duvet with cats printed on it. Unless you're dog person. Then the duvet is just yellow or blue. 

#2. The Party Speed-Dial

She's not got much time for your why-hasn't-he-called woes, but she will be incredibly happy to help you forgot all about him over a couple of dirty martinis in a miniskirt. While she's always on-csall for a rollicking good time, this might not necessarily be the kind of person that you'd last out a marshmallow-and-pyjama gabfest with.

#3. The Gabfest Partner

She has a knack for making you talk...and she talks and talks right back. This is exactly the kind of friend you can comfortable talk through any movie with, have hours of discussion over one small detail with and with whom a quick hour-long meet-up will simply never suffice. She's one of your favourite people to hang with.

#4. The Competitive One

This girl is always in contest with you. Whether it's how well you're doing at work, how many guys hit on you at a bar, or how many likes you get on a photograph, nothing is simply an act unparalleled with you. This often happens when the friend in question is just a wee bit insecure, and constantly feels the need to prove her worth in comparison to you.

#5. The Ape

Unlike the previous category, this girl has a penchant for almost everything you do. From your lipstick to your catchphrase, she'll try and incorporate many a thing about you—and may even be fairly blatant and shameless about it. She's no real harm, but she definitely will work your nerves from time to time. 

#6. The Fading Schoolfriend

This girl has been in your life from your little-girl-in-plaid days—and that's her core claim-to-fame. The things you have in common grow less and less more and more, but you keep in touch for posterity. Because, you know, remember that time got thrown out of math for giggling too loud? HAHAHA yeah. 

#7. The Super-Flake

Making plans with her is a pretty much at-your-own-risk kind of game, and you have no idea until the last minute whether she'll turn up half an hour late, with four extra friends in tow, half-drunk or not at all. You put up with her erratic behaviour though, because when she does turn up she's a goddamn blast!

(Coming soon: ANOTHER 7 Types of Friends Every Girl Has)