7 Signs Your Friend is Really Your Enemy

It may be time to say goodbye to the Frenemy.




1. She flirts with your boyfriend. And no, it's not your imagination. Come to think of it, she's flirted with all your boyfriend. And in college, once, she even dated your guy, days after you broke up.

2. When something good happens to you, she doesn't truly seem happy. Oh, and she does that weird smile. Where her lips look stuck and her eyes seem sinister. And her response is usually a high pitched, 'Good for youuuu...'

3. She's the only one you told that secret to. And suddenly, everyone's giggling about your terrible date where you fell from the bar stool and ripped your skirt.

4. She's always calling to discuss her problems. And you're expected to be there, no matter what. But you can't remember the last time she listened to you for over 5 minutes, without zoning out or needing to 'get back to work'.

5. She's borrowed your best outfits and not returned them. It's been 8 months.

6. She sniggers at your new haircut. She asks why you chose to wear such an unflattering dress. She nicknames you 'fatty'. Come to think of it, she's mean pretty often.

7. She forgot your birthday. Not cool, babe. Not cool.