Amazing News of the Day: Doctor Helped Woman Deliver Her Baby in the Mumbai Local Train

One of the coolest things we've heard all day!




​ This is one of the most humanitarian things we've heard in the recent past. Thirty-year-old Saraswati Singh, from Mumbai, was on her way to the hospital in a local train when she went into labour. Since there was still a fair bit of distance left and she started experiencing contractions, the fellow passengers puled the emergency chain in order to get help for Saraswati. Fortunately there was a doctor in the nearest ladies compartment and she offered to come to the expectant mothers' rescue. Dr Karuna Ahire then rushed to the luggage compartment in the train with Saraswati, where she helped her deliver the baby safely, without any medical equipment. She later ensured that the Saraswati and her newborn were transferred to the hospital for better medical attention. 

For the people who were on the train, this was nothing short of a miracle!