This Goldfish Got Braces. BRACES.

Welcome to 2016, b*tches.




​So when we heard about a puppy getting braces, we all pretty much lost our sh*t. Now, however, something even more ludicrous has happened to detract our attention from that incident.

This GOLDFISH was given braces. Indeed.

The little fish, (who goes by Mr Hot Wing) from Pennsylvania, USA, found he needed dental work when and eating and breathing became too cumbersome to combat. 

That's when super-vet Brian of Palmeiro Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology stepped in and fitted the little fish with mini train-tracks (fashioned, in fact, from recycled credit-card plastic).

The fish, of course, was sedated through the delicate procedure. When he gained consciousness post surgery, the doctor couldn't help but take a picture for the social media universe to laud the fantastic achievement. 

Now, naturally, he's a star! And a brave little star at that. Also, can we just say, WOW and can we have your number for emergencies, Dr Palmeiro?