This Artist Made Stunning Mud Paintings in Bihar and Then Wiped Them Off!!

But the reason is a GOOD reason!




Some artists can simply create magic (in this case, paint magic) with their work, and this particular Japanese artist made a Bihar school his canvas and weaved a wonderful tale.

A school called Niranjana, located in a remote village of Bihar organised a 'Wall Art Festival' and invited Yusuke Asai, an artist associated with a Japanese NGO, to participate in it. Yusuke is known for creating gorgeous murals using locally available items in the area.

So, this super-talented artist, along with his team, collected different types of muds, leaves, flowers, cow dung etc, all available in the village, made colours out of them and filled the ceilings and walls of the school with traditional Indian wall paintings.

His artwork aimed to make students more imaginative, and encourage them to attend school regularly. But he gave another important message through his work. At the end of the festival, Yusuke  washed away all the mud paintings, returning every element back to the land and taught students that life is a cycle, and everything finally returns to where it all started... 

Here are the amazing photographs... 

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