There is a Vending Machine that Dispenses Rare Books Instead of Snacks. BOOKS!

Can we move there RN?!




An unassuming rare bookshop, Monkey's Paw, has something close to absolute perfection....the Biblio-Mat!

A non-tech invention, the Biblio-Mat dispenses rare books instead of snacks and is certainly an invention you never knew you needed in your life.

The idea of this invention came to shop owner Stephen Fowler as a clever side walk sales opportunity, but his close friend and designer Craig Small had a brainstorm and devised the system for a book vending machine.

And so Biblio-Mat was born. Each book costs a Canadian 2-Dollar coin and, as the machine advertises, each book is absolutely unique and unusual. 

Check out how this genius invention works:

[vimeo ]

Pretty cool, right?!