Delhi Police has Just Got Some New Recruits and They're Seriously ADORABLE!





The 30 new Delhi Police recruits are taking over the Internet, including a trio named Teddy, Moby and Babe (Seriously, we don't stand a chance against this adorableness), and are ready to take down some bad guys and save lives!

The canine recruits were inducted into the force recently and are reportedly trained in explosive detection and rescue victims stuck under rubble of collapsed structures.

These Labradors underwent a rigorous training program in which they were taught how to recognise scent and track it down in as little time as possible, and followed a strict diet of meat and rice twice a day. The dog handlers are qualified veterinary doctors and wear special drill boots so that they don't injure them.

This particular breed of dogs has been chosen because of their inherent willingness to adapt to training schedules.