The Powerpuff Girls Have Got a New Villain and You Won't Believe Who He is!

ALL of us know him. And no, it's not Mojo Jojo.




Now that Powepuff Girls are back (yay!) and they're ready to take down sexism, one Manboy at a time!

No, for real!

The new villain in the series is called 'Manboy' representing all the misogynistic men in the world in one plaid wearing lumberjack, trapped in the body of a little boy!

The new villain was the obvious choice, as show creators Nick Jennings and Bob Byle said in an interview with LA Times, "Manboy is a perfect kind of villain for us," said Jennings. "He's an old-thinking type of male character set into this modern-day world."

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA30BLk0e3s[/youtube]

The reason why this is important is that the show's target audience are children and with a villain like 'Manboy', they can come to associate misogyny and exaggerated masculine conventions as a society evil and still be comedic, because let's face it, they couldn't come up with a better name than 'Manboy'!