7 Signs Your Boyfriend is Too Cheap

He 'forgets' his wallet...all the time!




Dating can be so much fun! You go out to dinner, movies, clubbing or...not. If you find yourself feeling a bit jelly every time you hear your friends adventurous dates while you spent your Friday night at the park, you may be with a cheap guy! Here are 7 signs to know for sure you if you are dating a cheapskate! 

1) He doesn't buy you gifts.
We are not talking about lavish gifts every other weekend, but small gifts for important occasions (like your birthday or Valentine's Day) is something he should be doing for you! 

2) He doesn't offer to pay for meals.
A true gentleman will always offer to pay for their girlfriend's meals even if you decide to split the bill! 

3) He doesn't tip well...or at all!
All we are saying is: You can judge a person really well by the way they tip.

4) He loves 'free dates'.
If you have seen a free dates pattern in your love life history (walking in the park, going to the museum etc.) your man could be super stingy! 

5) He always asks for discounts. 
Nothing wrong with asking for discounts when appropriate, but if you find yourself feeling second hand embarrassment each time your man whips out a coupon, he's definitely cheap! 

6) He doesn't like group dates. 
Because he is not willing to pay for others' share at all! 

7) He 'forgets' his wallet...all the time.
...and you find yourself paying on his behalf a lot more than you should be.