This Museum had to Hire a Cat After a Prank Went Hilariously Wrong!

The cat gets lunch breaks and works a 9-5 shift. For real!




Cats gaining Internet stardom based on their thugness and refusal to give in to society's conventions of how cats should behave is nothing new, but it never fails to amuse and (secretly) give us #LifeGoals too. Like the cat that refuses to leave its place at a supermarket and the cat that rides the Tokyo Subway solo and doesn't give a damn.

Another cat to join this elite feline club is Maray, the new employee of the Museum of History and Art in Serpukhov, Russia. 

The cat was the museum's official greeter and mascot, after the staff fell in love with it and took it in.

As an April Fool's day prank, the employees decided to submit a fake application on behalf of Maray the cat, and even issued a press release to the local media that the cat has been hired!

The text reads:

Application. As I am a direct relative of [Anna] Maraeva, I ask you to give me a job in ​ your museum. Maray The Cat.

The letter references to the former owner of the museum's building, after whom the cat is named.

But the prank turned into a fail when the local media contacted the museum about the status of Maray's employment and it slowly started going viral. The museum had to hire the cat as their official 'doorcat' on a permanent basis, with a 9-5 shift, lunch breaks and a little tent of its own. 

The cat is a hit with patrons and is s a regular feature in tourists' selfies!