4 Ways to Make Your Colleagues Like You

Wonder why some people are so popular at work? Try our tips and become the office-ial star .




​1. Be the Calm One. Colleagues who don't crack under pressure are people magnets. Counting to 10 before you respond to a cranky colleague really does stop you from snapping. Write down what's annoyed you, scrunch the paper up and chuck it.

2. Nice Girls Do Get Ahead. Avoid the gossip mill—if you are never overheard discussing the latest rumour, you will be trusted. Make a habit of listening for every two minutes you talk. It is a myth that the chattiest employees are the most popular, it is the listeners who really shine.

3. Be Baggage-Free. Leave your personal problems at home. Try this simple visualisation technique: when you leave in the morning, imagine a layer of bricks between your home and work. By the time you reach office, you will have built a big brick wall between work and your worries.

4. Curb the Urge to Criticise. Constantly griping and complaining about the failures and weaknesses of your co-workers can make them wary of you. Instead, be patient and offer positive feedback.

—Pam Steele, Career Psychologist, UK