4 Ways to Get a Smart Resume (Without Faking It)

We all want our résumés to sound impressive, but blatant lies could land you in big trouble. Here's what to do...




Bluff #1: You want a higher salary, so you exaggerate your current one.

Rx: Your new boss will find out if she needs to, so be straight about your wage at the interview. Plus, many HR companies cross-check pay slips and CTCs with previous employers. Instead of giving an untrue figure, explain that you are now more experienced and deserve a better salary.

Bluff #2: Since you do more duties than your current title covers, you give yourself an unofficial promotion on your CV.

Rx: Employers will discover what you have done when they check your references, so explain your new duties on your CV instead. State your job title, then add a line to clarify your position.

Bluff #3: You worry that poor marks will detract from your good vocational experience, so you omit it.

Rx: You don't have to put your grades if they're not your strongest asset. Just state your qualifications, then expand on any invaluable skills you've gained on the job.

Bluff #4: You were unemployed for a while, so you alter dates to cover it.

Rx: Be honest about a work gap. If you were made redundant, say so in your covering letter. Taking time to hunt for the right job shows you are focussed.

—Rachel Jones, temp director, Angela Mortimer, UK