This Artist Made a Mosaic Out of Disposed Nail Polish Bottles To Send a Very Important Message...

...and yes, it looks as amazing as it sounds.




As far as environment is concerned, often we don't realize the impact of our actions, something as simple as throwing away a used/finished nail polish bottle that is often non recyclable.

Artist Agne Kisonaite's latest project 'Glass Blowing' has been made out of such disposed off nail polish bottles (over 5,000 of them!) that she rescued from land fills to bring to light the important issue of non recyclable cosmetic products and how they impact the environment.

"While painting my nails, I'd always look at these bottles of nail polish, thinking: how playfully colors make their way through the thick glass! Once it hit me that all used bottles of nail polish could be glued together. That's how the idea for the mosaic "Glass Blowing" was born," she said on her website.

The art work required punishing precision in sorting colours according to their different shades, then arranging the bottles on the design template (that she printed out before setting out on the process). 

Because of the strong smell of acetone, she had to wear a gas mask throughout the process.

All her hard work clearly paid off, because the final artwork looks absolutely stunning.

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