Hot New Restaurant Alert: Sevilla at The Claridges

It's time to go neo-Spanish...




When you walk into The Claridges hotel, you're automatically hit with an air of Old-Delhi regality. The aristocratic, white-pillared aesthetic of the iconic hotel is something every veteran Delhite is familiar with, and you know that if they put together something that sounds as deliciously decadent as Sevilla does, you're simply going to have to check it out.

The landscape of the restaurant takes a cue from Mediterranean​ stylings, and when you couple the open skies with e gentle-lit aura it has, it makes perfect sense for a romantic evening. (Boys, take a girl to a sit-down at this classy establishment and you're winning points for sure).  

The restaurant's namesake, Seville, Spain, is simply throbbing with art and culture, and you get a filtered, low key sense of that in the decor as well. 

Now, down to our favourite part—the food and wine!

Starting the evening with a plate of tapas like Montados ( a platter of parma ham and torn burrata with fig chutney, chicken liver pate with black truffles, and shrimp with green peas and goat cheese) is an absolute must. We recommend the Tartufo Polenta (truffled soft polenta with mascarpone and chives) if you're veggie—pretty darn amazing.

When you move to the mains, our favourites were the Himalayan Trout (shrimp mousse, seafood and fennel nage) and 12 Hour Braised 'Black Chicken' (with red wine, mushroom melange, duck fat and flashed potatoes), or the ​Ravioli de Aragosta​ ​(butter poached lobster, morels and fresh coriander​) for pasta lovers. 

A vegetarian can definitely find main options, but the pizza and risottos make a lot more sense. In particular, the Quatro Formaggio pizza (with buffalo mozzarella, smoked scamorza, gouda and goat cheese), the Gruyerre e Zucca Ravioli ( a pumpkin ravioli with walnut pesto and lettuce hearts)​ and the Risotto Barbabietole​ (​a beetroot risotto with pears and gorgonzola, decorated with 24-carat gold leaf!)

The best way to finish off this meal? A glass of delish red (or white‚we recommend letting them pair your wine; they are the experts) and rum-soaked, indulgent Tiramisu. 

You officially know where you need to go on your next big night out. You're welcome.