This Disgusting Policeman Beat a Dog Till His Eye Popped Out

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A sweet, street dog that lived around the New Police Quarters in Andheri,​ Mumbai, ​was brutally assaulted by a man (that reports state is a police officer). The poor dog was beaten and pounded at violently, to the point that he became blind in one eye after it popped out due to the savage blows, not to mention a series of other injuries.

We've not included the actual photograph because any dog lover would be nauseated at the very sight of it. 

Luckily, a group called 'Save Our Strays' got wind of the incident and managed to step in. They took the distressed dog to hospital, and filed a complaint at the Andheri police station. 

Shirley Menon, a 'Save Our Strays' volunteers, tells the press: 'We were informed by local residents about a man that lost his temper inside the police residential quarters and started hitting a stray dog with a stick. He also seems to have tried to choke it. Concerned witnesses tried to intervene, but the heartless man managed somehow to lock himself with the animal inside the toilet and continued the abuse'

The helpless animal managed to eventually run away from him, and towards a train station. The dog has not recovered, and is currently being looked after by the 'Save Our Strays' association. The activists at the group think the man spared the dog no act of violence. The attacker has been identified as Mukesh Dev (the man you see in the photograph above)

Help to punish this sick, violent assailant by signing this petition, and getting everyone you know to do it to. We can't take back what this sweet dog went through, but we can help that this man be punished for it, and make sure he never has the chance to do this to anyone again. 

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