This Cat Bullies Goats and Rides Every Animal on the Farm Because He is Their Boss

Teton is the undisputed ruler of the farm.




Unlikely animal friendships rank very high on our list of favourite things in the world, preceded by thug cats. In Teton the cat's case it's both of them combined. Although, it's more bullying rather than friendship but we'll take it.

This is how the owners of the Snowfall Ranch described their pet cat (and Boss of the Farm) Teton:

Teton ... never will there be another ...He is a cat that is simply one of a kind.  Tough as nails, runs the entire barn and takes no prisoners.  He rides on the back of the miniature horses, bullies the goats and then has the nerve to curl up and sleep with them at night ... he is the BOSS cat around here.

While Teton bullies  and keeps every othe ranimal on the barn in line, it turns into their friend when snow falls. The owners believe that Teton rides these miniature horses and donkeys because it doesn't want to get it's paws wet in the snow!

Teton occasionally 'hangs out' with the rest of the barn animals but mostly so that it can hitch a ride on the back of one.