This Video of Women Being Spanked Through Years of Cinema is SHOCKING!

No one can ever ask why we need feminism again.




Being the feminist tour de force Jezebel is,the recent compilation video they created of the spanking of women being a common cinema trope is something that will knock your socks off—in the most unpleasant way possible. 

Very often, we see the men approach the women with an air of corporal punishment about them, the idea being to chastise the 'bad' woman for her sins by...that's right, you hit the nail on the head (or the girl on the bottom, rather).

The women offer weak cries of resistance in a few cases, throwing out empty taunts like 'Don't you dare lay your hands on me!' which are met with not even the slightest of acknowledgements from the men, who proceed to give them a savage beating.

In several cases, we even see them using belts and actual whips, and afterwards, jokes are made by the men about how the beating was 'hard on their hands.' 

Though a bit torturous to watch, the video is a smarting reminder of exactly how many strides feminism has made, and why we needed to make them. And the long way that's left to go. 

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