All 80s and 90s Kids Will 'Get' These Photographs

These Pics Depict a 'Childhood Without Technology' in the Best Way Possible




Something we've all spoken about at some point: with the invasion of technology, kids these days aren't as familiar with the charms of  riding swings in parks, making mud forts, playing with stray animals, scribbling on walls with crayons and all the other stuff we did when we were growing up...

 Electronic gadgets have almost replaced books, outdoor games, toys, and anyone born in the last decade pretty much has a techno-childhood!

Nikki Boon, a photographer and mother of 4 from New Zealand clicked some amazing photographs of her kids when they were hanging out on her 10 acre property. These images are meant to make you think about an 'outdoorsy childhood' versus an 'electronic' one. Can you relate?

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