6 Jedi Mind Tricks That'll Help You Lose Weight

Throw Paleo out the window!




​#1. Wear Your Old Clothes: 

It's true that weight loss is about staying fit, but  it's also about looking good. It's frustrating when you spot a great dress, but struggle to find it in your size. Clothes are the best judge of your weight loss—they tell no lies. Wear your old clothes instead of buying yourself more clothes in bigger sizes. You no longer fit into them? That's okay. It'll act as trigger, and you'll feel charged to shed those extra kilos.

#2. Size Matters: 

We're talking about the size of your plates and glasses. Using small plates for eating and large glasses for drinking water. Psychologically, eating on a small plate makes you feel that you've eaten enough, because even if it's a small portion, a smaller plate makes it seem big. If you use big glasses to drink water, you drink more than you think you're drinking. And, water is basically the best weight loss tool in the book.

#3. Brush Your Teeth Earlier:

Late night snacking is a total weight-loss no-no. There have only too many studies that stand testament to the fact that eating late at night leads your body to store more fat than usual—hello, automatic weight gain! So have an early dinner, and follow it up by brushing straight after. That fresh, minty taste in your mouth. You're not going to want to ruin that with another snack.

#4. Count Your Calories:

So, here's the deal— If you're eating more calories than your body needs, you're packing on the pounds. Sounds simple enough, but tonnes of us are doing it. Start to calculate your daily calorie intake and keep in the mind the kind of weight you want to lose (2 kgs so you fit into those jeans, or 10 kgs so you drop 3 sizes?). Then, track those calories.  When you look at the calories on packages, it starts to pile up in your head versus eating obliviously. It might even be helpful (IF you're committed enough) to keep a little food journal to keep a record of how much you're consuming. 

#5. Set Achievable Goals:

As Nutritionist Kavita Devgan says in her book Don't Diet, go slow. Losing those kilos is a baby-steps kind of process—trying to do too much too quickly will only lead to discontentment; and possibly, failure. Learning that a miracle can't happen in a matter of days is key. Avoid setting unrealistic goals. Not reaching your target can frustrate—and eventually, demotivate—you. If you set small goals and achieve them systematically, you'll both lose as much as you want and sustain it smartly. 

#6. Have a Size Role Model

There CAN be an upside to thinking Deepika Padukone has the ultimate body—it can inspire you to try and have a great body as well. We're not saying go the extreme route—it just helps to have someone you want to look like that can help you work towards your ideal weight.