7 Signs You and Your Boyfriend Are Ready to Move In Together

Especially #7




1) You have been together for a while.
You and your boyfriend have been dating for a while and are finally ready to take your relationship to the next level. 

2) You both are on the same page.
Both of you are committed to one another and have the same thoughts about your future together. 

3) You spend most nights together.
Most of your nights are spent at each others place and being on your own starts to feel awkward

4) You both want to save money.
Since most of your nights are spent together, you both agree to saving money by rooming together and paying rent at one place.

5) You are super comfortable around one another.
You can be your truest self without feeling embarrassed or ashamed around each other.

6) You love going on holiday together.
Vacationing together gives you a taste of what life is like when you live with one another... and you LOVE it! 

7) You love being together.
At the end of it all, you and boyfriend absolutely love being with one another and cannot wait to live together!