7 Times Your Older Sister was Completely Right

"Man, I should've listened to her"




1) When she told you that boy was bad news.
He was a total jerk and even though you were completely blinded by it, your sister knew it from the start.

2) When she told you that dress did not look good on you.
Because every time you look at photos from that night, you just want to crawl under your bed out of embarrassment.

3) When she told you to come home on time.
...or you would get into a lot of trouble. You actually knew she was right from the start, you just chose to ignore her. 

4) When she told you not to be so careless with your money.
Even though, you thought she sounded like your mom, you wished you listened to her. Now you have no money left for the week because you bought that bag, and the shoes and the...

5) When she told you to give yourself a break and live life a little!
Because you know you work too hard and deserve time for yourself. 

6) When she told you that friend was a backstabber.
Yep, she nailed this one also! 

7) When she asked you to take her to the club with you.
And you said no because you thought you were too cool. Now that you had a little too much to drink, you wished  you had listened to your sis.