This Video of a Woman in Bengaluru Being Grabbed By a Man and Taken Away is Horrifying

...and the police have done nothing yet.




​You know that reputation Bengaluru used to have? The one where it was comfortable, polite, and safe for women? This recent incident puts that reputation to the test. 

A video of an incredibly appalling and blatant abduction of a Manipuri woman by a man, as she stands outside the gates of her PG, caught clearly on a CCTV camera has everyone screaming in outrage. The assailant, a man the police is yet to identify physically picked up the woman, and while she was kicking and flailing and attempted to rape her. Luckily for the girl, she actually managed to free herself from his grasp and make it to her PG. There, she told her friends and roommates about what had happened. 

What's more, the attack was even caught on the CCTV cameras in the locality on the day of the attack (April 23), but the police still have no leads as to who the man could be. 

News18 reports that the girl is 25 years old, and is Manipuri by birth but grew up in Bengaluru. She gave the news house details of the attack as well, saying, "I was dropped off near my paying guest accommodation by a friend at around 10:00 o clock in the night. As I started walking towards my hostel, I got a call from a friend. I stood by the roadside and took the call. There were a few two-wheelers on the road, so I stepped back. I was engrossed in my talk.

"Suddenly somebody came from behind, lifted me like an animal and took me to an under-construction building nearby. It took a few seconds for me to realise what was happening. He pushed me onto the floor and tried to harm me. I fought and pushed him back and tried to run away. He then caught me by my hair and pushed me onto the floor again.

"I started screaming and crying. But, nobody came to my rescue. Finally, I bit his hands, freed myself and ran towards my PG accommodation

"When I entered my room, I was trembling. My hostel-mates told me they heard my screaming. But, nobody came to my rescue. My PG owners are good people. They were looking scared. Nobody offered me even water. I asked my PG hostel owner to call the police. He thought it was not good for his business to call the police. My PG mates were busy watching actor Ramesh interviewing actor Sudeep on TV."

"I feel he was following me and that it was a planned abduction. He was roaming around the area, looking for a target. He did not look like a local Kannadiga. He looked like an outsider. Maybe from Tamil Nadu, I am not sure. After I escaped, I started shouting "catch him, catch him". He looked back and said, "You are a wh*re."

The scariest part of this entire incident is that, despite a PG full of people (her friends, the landlord and landlady, etc) as well as the incident being caught on camera, the attacker has not been identified. It's frightening that not one person (despite them admitting they heard the screams) came to her aid. It's an alarming insight into our society that not only does a man think it's kosher to pick up a woman and take her away—like you'll see below—but that a building-full of people would rather watch a TV interview than intervene when they hear her crying and screaming. 

It really makes you shudder. 

Watch the incident here...

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFloSlslGvU&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]