Woman Raped Brutally in Kerala, Found Dead with Intestines Pulled Out

The 30-year old law student was raped and murdered in her own home.




On the 28th of April, an incident as shocking and terrifying as the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape (Nirbhaya) occurred in Perumbavoor (Ernakulam, Kerala). Somewhere between 12 and 5 pm, a 30-year old woman was brutally assaulted, raped and then murdered in her own house.

While the news circulated small-time over social media straight after the incident, the media got wind of it a whole four days after the horrific incident. 

Priya* was a law graduate who lived with her mother in a small home in Perumbavoor​. Her mother was a manual-labourer, reported 'mentally unstable' by the neighbours. Reports from Malayalam news channel Asianet state that Priya was being harassed by the relative of a local Panchayat member. The same man had once threatened to kill both Priya and her mother, and the mother had even filed a complaint at the Kurppumpadi police station about him. However, that report was dismissed stating the 'instability' of her mental condition as a reason for it to be disregarded. There was also, allegedly, a murder attempt on her mother by two men who tried to mow her down with their bikes. 

Priya was discovered inside the house, showing signs of having been strangled, and with over 30 wounds on her entire body.  Reports also say she was injured and assaulted with a sharp weapon, and sustained a head injury. 

​However, it's been six days and noone has been arrested or apprehended for the crime yet. Three people have been detained for questioning, though. Kerala Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala made a statement to the media regarding the severity of the situation, and how immense the repercussions would be once the culprit was found. "Police are working very hard on this case, we will bring all the culprits to book within no time. There will be no laxity," he said.

*name changed