We Asked YOU What Kind of Sh*t YOUR Moms Say...

...and your answers were HILARIOUS!




So we asked you on Instagram what the funniest thing your mom says was, and curated the best of all your answers. PS: All your moms sound WAY cool!

#1. suruchi_here : "Money doesn't grown on trees!

#2. pinkswirlgirll "You can't do something THIS simple? You can't be my child!" 

#3. aashnamalanii My mom: "How does this look?" 

Me: "You should probably wear heels with that, flats don't work with it."

My mom: "If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it."

#4. aashnamalanii My mom: "Our neighbours, the Sharmas? Their daughter got a 100% in her math paper" 

Me:  "But my best friend only got 60% and I got 75....'

My mom: "I don't care about what 'everyone' is doing, I care about what YOU are doing!"

#5. mansi_6 "Do you run a business on your phone? All day you keep going 'tic tic tic'. Shall I have the Wifi cut?"

#6. tiwaripreety​: "Where were you when God was handing out brains?"

#7. tripti_2​: "I'm going to BURN that phone of yours!"

#8.  mansi_6​: Me: "Ma, I have to go out tomorrow. It's my best friends birthday."

My Mom: Who is this best friend? I've never heard of her? What is this party. There's a party every day with you. Your parties never finish. 

#9. titikshyaneura73​ "You're wearing that? Don't wear that."

#10. varsha.sanguri31​: "Do you have a boyfriend? You can tell me, you know..."