This Surprsing Factor is What Makes Women Appear More Intelligent, Apparently

You'll be shocked by what it is…




When it comes to how women are perceived by others, it seems we're still being judged on our looks. Go figure.

But when one study looked into what makes people decide if somebody appears intelligent, scientists were surprised by the results.

The research revealed that women who wear less clothing are perceived to be more intelligent than those who wore more modest clothing.

Dr Alfredo Gaitán and other academics from the University of Bedfordshire gathered 64 students and showed them two sets of images of the same woman.

In one image, she wore a low-cut top, a mini skirt and a jacket, whereas in the other picture, she wore a longer skirt and a top that covered more of her skin.

The participants were then asked to rank her in terms of faithfulness, job status, morality, personality, willingness to have sex, and intelligence.

The results showed that the picture of the woman in 'sexualised clothing' was ranked higher in intelligence and faithfulness by the group, said Dr Gaitán.

However, it is worth remembering that there are many variables that can impact the result, as a previous study by St Andrews revealed that people actually think getting more sleep is what will increase a person's status of intelligence.

Commenting on his results, Dr Gaitán added, ''We think there are still negative attitudes out there, but perhaps people are seeing the sexy look more positively.'While we'll still dress how we want to, it's refreshing to see that society appears to be less condemning!