These Adorable Literal Illustrations Are Just the Cutest Thing Ever!

Get ready to 'awwwww'!

​Illustrator Keren Rose's fabulous Literal Illustrations series are the best thing you'll see today. Perfect for a happy, snuggly Sunday. You're welcome.

Beware that A4 B*stard!

"Could you spot the bus for me?"

"Imma buy me a whole lot of windows today."

"Hey! Come back! *Time for some mind control*"

"You're a real snack for my spectacles..."

That Limca makes the BEST cookies!

"Here's a piece of my heart"

"I call this meeting of marmalades to order!"

"Don't let those fries get away!"

"Say hello to the coolest chair in Furnitureville"

"That's a hard-working flame"

"Don't wake the aspirin. They're battling huge headaches."

"Im crapping out all my love for you."

There's a party at my printer, and you're invited...