Could This Be the Best Boss in the World?

He just took 3,000 employees on holiday

What would it be like to take 3,000 people on holiday? Ask Li Jinyuan, founder and owner of Chinese company Tiens, who has just done exactly that.


Li Jinyuan whisked 3,000 of his employees and some of their families on holiday to Madrid and Barcelona, in Spain.


And it didn't come cheap – the trip cost him in millions, which included booking over 2,000 hotel rooms, 70 entire aeroplanes and 80 coaches.


While on holiday, the 3,000 workers were also thrown a huge party to celebrate the company's 21st anniversary; 202 pans of paella were served up with salad and olives – along with plenty of cocktails and sangria.

In case you're wondering what it would feel like to go on holiday with your boss (let alone tuck into the sangria), it turns out that Li Jinyuan wasn't even able to enjoy the holiday himself as he had to work.


However, there's good news for those who weren't able to make the trip, as this isn't the first (or the last) time that the company will treat their employees to an all-expenses-paid holiday. They have already planned the next trip – for 6,400 employees to Bali later this year.

The logic behind these elaborate holidays is that it rewards hard work and performance, and encourages loyalty to the company.


In an interview with Metro.co.ukthe chairman's son explained 'The 3,000 employees have performed really well in the last year for the company. Our president has always taught us that talent and people should be cherished and supported. We like to treat our staff very well.'

But the perks of the job don't stop at holidays – as well as regular trips abroad, Tiens also offer an incredible benefits package including a cash housing allowance, and BMWs as 'thank you' gifts.

The Vice President of Tiens Group, Tian' Ao Liu, explained "Tiens are the biggest consumer of BMW cars in China, we buy the cars to give to our employees as a thank you gift.'

Where do we sign up?!