Comedian Radhika Vaz On the Clichés Attached to Feminism

"I'm a feminist but I wish I had an *ss like Kim Kardashian"




​"Feminism to me means individual emancipation. Sometimes it's difficult to imagine making a huge change, and so we step away from making any change at all. Instead, let's just start with us. Your idea of feminism could be as simple as choosing your own clothes instead of being told you can't wear 'sleeveless' by your mum, it could be as simple as dumping your over-possessive boyfriend who freaks out every time you talk to a guy friend, or standing up for a gay friend. There are so many clichés attached to it...I'm a feminist but I wish I had an *ss like Kim Kardashian. No, really, I do. And her boobs, too, please! I feel you have the power to control your own choices and often to help others control theirs—use it. Feminists today are fighting for basic safety. You know that 5-star rating system Uber has? My husband gives the guy '5 stars' if he drives carefully, has working seatbelts, and doesn't check his phone. I give the driver 5 stars if I can get out of the cab without being raped. Until all women can leave work at 7pm, stay out at the pub until 2am and fear nothing but a bad hangover the next day at 8am, we are not making the world a better place, we are failing."

Skirt: stalkbuylove.com Sneakers: Call It Spring, Photographs: Mehtab Mann, Styling: Zunaili Malik