Artist Shilo Shiv Suleman On Feminism and Street Art

"I'm fighting to reclaim public space through art"




"I think stereotypes exist both ways. Rather than even begin to debunk those stereotypes, we need to start having conversations and really create room for empathy between communities. Because when you debunk a stereotype, you're giving it as much power. And that's actually creating more separation that what already exists; it's not really starting a dialogue or inculcating empathy. And as a storyteller, for me, a big cause worth fighting for is intersectionality in the representation of women's issues, particularly by the media. As a street artist with the Fearless Collective, that works with communities of women across the world to create feminist public art, I'm fighting to reclaim public space through art, dialogue, and presence. Yes, I'm a feminist, but I won't contest any stereotypes because sure, feminists can be a certain way, but so can anybody else."

Skirt: Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan  Jewellery: Shilo's own, Photographs: Mehtab Mann, Styling: Zunaili Malik