So, How Many Indian Women Aspire to Be Top Execs?

The results are out...




Cosmo conducted a survey and found that more than half  of the women looked on the idea of running or managing something—be it anything from a law firm to a bakery—as extremely exciting, and a challenge they were truly up for. 

Do You Aspire to be a Top Executive in Your Field?

Here's what you had to say:​

"I see myself managing a major record label someday—and this job gives me the opportunity to familiarise myself with music and what works for audiences in a way that being at a label from the start would never have let me do." 

—Saira K., 24, Disc Jockey 

"I've been in the same organisation for six years, and been promoted every year. I'm certain I will be again." 

— Diya J., 30, Division Head, Sales

"I don't want to be CEO tomorrow, but I definitely need there to be steady growth— and to be rewarded for the work I put in." 

— Mehtab P., 27, PR Executive